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What Our Clients Think...

51% more views

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"The channel has grown from nothing to 30k, I've sent loads of clients their way"

Mat Wilson

"Great results!
0 to 100k Subscribers in 12 months, well done"

Greg Secker

"Wow! I was not expecting this level of feedback, THANK YOU! The new channel is going to be total FIRE"

Rose Radford

"Our first video performed 6X better than they normally do!"

Sami Wunder

Caroline Strawson

My channel has grown by 10k in the last few months, what a joy he is to work with!

Matt Sherman

300% more views! Crazy value! I'm very grateful for your support

Bilyana Georgieva

From 0 to 1.7 million views! It's a pleasure to work with the team

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Why Video Testimonials?


of those who have seen a testimonial

video about a product or service say

that it has motivated them to make a



2 out of 3 customers are more

likely to purchase after

seeing a testimonial video.

Our 3P Process


Tell us your goals, your vision, and your challenges. Together, we'll craft a strategy that’s not just a roadmap but a blueprint for domination in your niche


Whether it's you interviewing your client or our hand-picked spokesperson, This step is about presenting clients story. Raw. Authentic. Magnetic.

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty. With world-class editing magic, we'll transform raw footage into compelling narratives that resonate. Your story, amplified to perfection


Content without strategy is just noise. Posting isn’t just about going live; it’s a calculated move. SEO-optimized, strategically scheduled, and primed for maximum engagement.


Trust in our methods. We have a proven plan to ensure your content reaches your ideal audience. It's not just about visibility; it's about making meaningful connections


Numbers don’t lie. We're tracking, measuring, and analyzing. From views to engagement to, most importantly, ROI. Let's see the fruits of our labor and ensure every video is a revenue-generating machine.

Let's Build Your Brand With Video

  • Without needing to be on camera (If you don't want to be)

  • Without content overwhelm (What do I need to say next?)

  • Without managing freelancers that don't care about your brand

  • Without frustration when your content doesn't get the results it deserves

We're Not Another Video Editing Agency or Coaching Program

We're a Video Marketing Company Who Partners With Businesses Using Our Proven & Profitable System What Will Help You:

If You're A Coach, Consultant Or Business Owner Who…

  • Wants to become the go-to authority in their niche

  • Is looking to make an impact and help more people

  • Is looking too rapidly grow with a content systems and not just hope.

  • Is tired of courses and masterminds, its time to get it done!

  • Is already working with clients and getting great results.

  • Is making at least 5k per month

  • Doesn't want to become reliant on algorithms for new clients

  • Wants to be proud of the content they create

Meet Our Founder

Ken Pointer

Ken has always been captivated by the power of stories, even during his teenage years at his local theatre.

By 30, he had already established and sold his first online business.

His passion deepened as he realised the crucial role of storytelling in video and digital marketing. He's well known for helping his clients to standing out and crafting memorable videos that resonate with their prospects.

Renowned for his 10 years of digital marketing insights, Ken has been a sought-after contributor at many of the UK's largest entrepreneurial and marketing events.

His team have already achieved over 150 million views on YouTube for their clientele, including collaborations with notable figures like Tony Robbins.


You Are 100% Covered By Our
Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

If you are not 100% happy with the videos with create for your brand, we will continue to work on them until you are

More Success Stories

0 to 200,000 new Subscribers & New lead source

Over 10,000 new subscribers & 9X more clicks to her offers

0 to 30,000 new subscribers, & New lead source

17x Increase in his viewership, 14x more clicks to his offers

0 to almost 90,000 views in 5 months

3X more views on channel in less than 6 months

8X more views on their videos, leading to more sales

4.6X more views on her videos, leading in more sales.

Schedule A Meeting.
No Obligations.

Want to find out if we are the right service for you?
Join us for a free virtual consultation where we'll discuss video strategy and answer any questions you have about our service!

100% free of charge!

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